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Nicole is an animation student at the University of Central Florida currently studying Character Animation with an estimated graduation date of May 2021.
Growing up, Nicole always had a fascination with animated movies, but was particularly interested in how they were made. She would watch the "Behind the Scenes" special features obsessively, even if her little sister would have rather watched the movie instead, (but her little sister didn't know how to work the DVD player).
She got the opportunity to get an even better understanding of the magic of animation when she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an animator at UCF.
When she's not working on her animation skills, Nicole loves exploring the world around her and learning new things, whether that be reading, visiting a museum, or trying a new recipe! She also likes sharing her tasty treats with friends.
Email: ramosnicole1217@gmail.com
Phone: (407) - 346 - 2476

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